Ready For a Rewarding Work Experience? Join the Burger Paradox team.

You will be immersed in a hardworking team atmosphere with a management team who wear rolled up sleeves all eager to make phenomenal food experiences and great times happen for all.

We are all here to serve and satisfy every guest and ensure they leave full, happy, and feeling like they got a good value for their money. Nothing is more important for any one of us than the focus on serving our guest better than any other deli in the industry.

In an industry where many companies jump to the newest trend, we’re much about originality and quality. We have taken specialty foods , classic sandwich ideas, and unique flavor combinations and serve them at affordable prices. We believe the guest wants what they want, when they want it. Our goal is to say yes to every reasonable request and find a way to satisfy our guest in exchange for a fair price that allows costumers to come in for return visits.

One of our biggest assets we have is our reputation. We do minimal advertising. We rely on our reputation to drive our sales. We truly believe we don’t serve hundreds of costumers a day, we serve one customer at a time, hundreds of times a day. We work hard so that when the Burger Paradox name is mentioned, it is synonymous with an instant response that people know us to be a great Restaurant and a good neighbor to our community. You can just tell from the response of the person you mention our name to, they feel favorable towards us. We want you to feel proud to represent our company. Thank you for taking the time today learn more about employment with our company and we are thrilled to have you apply today!

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